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NAD+ Infusions

Does NAD Therapy interest you? Our NAD IV therapy is second to none, and the greatest part is that Immunity Doctor Healthcare will travel to you. Within one hour, you may usually have a nurse-administered NAD infusion delivered to your home or hotel room.

What is NAD+

All cells in the body use NAD as a coenzyme in their metabolic processes. The oxidized form of this molecule, NAD+, aids in the conversion of nutrients into energy and provides support to proteins that control many cellular processes.

Our NAD+ IV Drip Package

Slowing ageing, increasing metabolism, preserving cognitive function, and lowering the risk of chronic diseases are all benefits of our NAD+ package’s ingredients:

  • Intravenous Fluid: This hydration solution is part of our NAD+ package and provides electrolytes, salt, and sugar, among other nutrients. Lactated Ringer’s, saline, or dextrose are all acceptable IV fluids to use.
  • NAD+: Our intravenous drip bag can restore your NAD+ levels. The mitochondria in your cells are able to finish the metabolic processes that transform food into energy because NAD+ shuttles electrons between reactions.

NAD+ IV Therapy Treatment

Would you like to schedule an appointment for NAD+ IV therapy treatment? You can have the treatment delivered right to your door by Immunity Doctor Healthcare. When you schedule an appointment and choose the NAD+ drip bag, an RN will come to your house prepared to provide a clean, pleasant treatment. An RN can usually be dispatched to your location on the very same day.

Your nurse will do a brief medical examination, set up their equipment, and get the room ready for your NAD treatments when they arrive. During your session, you are free to choose to lie down on any available couch, bed, or chair. A tiny needle will be inserted into an arm vein by your nurse to inject the NAD+ solution. The next step is to relax and allow the NAD+ solution to trickle into your bloodstream from the bag.

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