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Get PCR test results in less than 4 hours

If you are already sick, adding to the congestion in Dubai while waiting in queue for a test at your local hospital, clinic, or drive-through could transmit the illness. If you’re sick, it becomes really difficult. Well, here at Immunity Doctor Healthcare, we have a clever and reasonably priced option for you. Professionals in our business can conduct PCR tests in the comfort of your own home in Dubai.

Our nursing staff will come to your house, hotel, or place of business, fully equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE), to collect samples for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The process is also easy. By DHA data requirement standards for COVID-19, you will be requested to provide your name, Emirates ID, contact details, email address, profession, and travel status.

We will send your sample to a lab accredited and approved by the DHA for further testing as a follow-up. You will be notified of the test’s outcome by email.

Corona test sample collection is available around the clock at Immunity Doctor Healthcare. Your house or hotel room can be the meeting place for your appointment whenever it is most convenient.

Usually, you can get your test results in a matter of hours. Get your findings in 1.5-3 hours with our quick PCR test, perfect for those last-minute needs.

Before booking your flight, know the airlines’ COVID policies and review your present destination criteria. The PCR test is a travel requirement in the majority of nations. Depending on the airline and destination criteria, individuals must ensure they have gotten the negative PCR results from sampling at least 48-72 hours before their flight out of Dubai.

Our PCR Test at Home Packages

Now, you can get your COVID-19 PCR tested at Immunity Doctor Healthcare!

Protecting our patients’ well-being is our number one priority. To minimise the possibility of infection, our medical staff strictly adheres to protocols set forth by the healthcare authorities (DHA). We are committed to providing top-notch COVID-19 testing services in accredited labs. Quick and easy PCR testing with results in just a few hours!


Wait 1:30 to 2.30 hours to get the results of the COVID-19 PCR.


4–6 hours for results from the COVID-19 PCR test.


COVID-19 Results in 12–16 hours


Get your COVID-19 PCR results with our express PCR test in 7 to 9 hours.

COVID-19 PCR test Steps


A medical team that the DHA has approved will come to your home or hotel to collect a swab sample.


For analysis, we have a reputable lab take the sample.


The genetic material in a sample will be extracted from the sample by extraction scientists.


By email or WhatsApp, you will receive your PCR test results promptly.

Know the Covid Rules before Home PCR Test in Dubai

You must schedule an appointment to obtain a COVID-19 test. Our nurse can travel to your home or hotel to take the sample if you want.

You should schedule your PCR appointment one to two days in advance to ensure you obtain the time slot of your choice and the best possible price.

It only takes a few hours from the time of the PCR test to get the results. The most time an express service can take to release a result is three hours from the time and date.

The certifications obtained can be used for travel, as our connected laboratory is DHA- and ISO-certified.

It is impossible to do a COVID test at home, according to the fast care provider in Dubai. Only at a hospital should it be administered.

As certain airlines only allow results to be valid for 48 or 72 hours, the validity of the COVID-19 test will depend on the airline in question.

Absolutely! We offer a rapid turnaround time for the PCR test. Results from the quickest PCR assay can be made public within three hours following the time and date of sample collection.

Typically, we would send the reports in PDF format over email or WhatsApp.

A discount may be applied depending on factors such as group size, number of previous clients, location, and desired outcome.

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