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Vaccination at Home Dubai

Vaccination at Home Dubai

When you need expert home health care in the Dubai, UAE area, call Immunity Doctor Healthcare. To meet the diverse needs of our clients, we provide individualised home healthcare solutions. Our clients receive in-home care at all hours of the day and night from our staff of certified nurses and carers whom the DHA has licenced.

You and your family can relax in the familiar surroundings of your own home while our trained carers attend to your every need.

Different forms of home care address other needs, but they all work towards the same objective: empowering individuals to lead healthier, more self-sufficient lives while easing the burden on their loved ones.

Our services are available around the clock every day of the year, and we provide an easy and inexpensive approach to acquiring the tests you need.

Protective Power Doctor Healthcare is dedicated to providing caring and top-notch healthcare. We aim to make primary health care more accessible, affordable, and responsive to patients’ needs by delivering world-class medical care to their homes.

Type of Vaccination We offer


Vaccination protects against the four influenza viruses that research indicates will be most common this season. Although there is a nasal spray flu vaccine, most people get their shots by injecting themselves in the arm.

Chicken Pox

Infected respiratory secretions, droplets from the respiratory system, and blister fluid are the main vectors for the transmission of chickenpox. At Immunity Doctor Healthcare, we understand the importance of providing safe and private at-home vaccination services. For any medical emergency, our medical staff is available around the clock.


Immunity Doctor Healthcare’s highly trained medical professionals can provide an HPV vaccine to you in the comfort of your home. Around-the-clock Assistance in Dubai.The HPV vaccine protects against genital warts and most cases of cervical cancer. It protects against cancer of the vagina, vulva, penis or anus caused by HPV . The HPV vaccine also protects against mouth, throat, head and neck cancers caused by HPV

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