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Blood Test At Home/Hotel in Dubai

A Hematologist wearing a blue medical gloves examining a blood sample by putting it out from a test tube rack

Going to a pathology lab for a blood test could be daunting when you’re sick, especially if you’re feeling anxious or weak. Immunity Doctor Healthcare provides a home visit sample collection service because we care about our patients and want to help in any way we can.

Our home sample collection service allows you to get your blood sample taken by qualified professionals without ever having to leave your house.

A blood test at home is a simple and fast way to acquire accurate health results.

Our phlebotomists have additional training in collecting samples from children and the elderly. Booking a home visit and having samples taken is a stress-free way to care for your loved ones’ health, whether young or old.

Neurology, gynecology, nephrology, cancer, and other regular, semi-specialty, and super-specialty medical fields are all part of Immunity Doctor Healthcare’s diagnostic offerings.

Our extensive battery of clinical laboratory tests and profiles is utilized to forecast diseases, identify them early, screen for them, confirm their diagnosis, and keep tabs on them.

You may have faith in your at-home blood test findings from Immunity Doctor Healthcare because of their extensive background in the diagnostics sector. You may relax knowing that our skilled personnel will collect your sample.

Blood Test at Home/Hotel/Office – How We Collect the Samples


Just give us a ring or shoot us a WhatsApp message to see if we're available for scheduling.

Share Your Address

Please provide your exact address and current Google location to request a sample.

Sample Collection and Result Interpretation

On the appointed day, a medical staff member will visit your house to draw blood and provide you with the findings electronically.

What Kind of Blood Tests do We Do?

Why Choose Us for Blood Test at Home/Hotel in Dubai?

Finding a lab that consistently produces accurate results can be a hassle, but regular blood tests are essential for identifying and managing many disorders. Immunity Doctor Healthcare offers convenient home healthcare services; call them immediately to schedule your test. Regarding blood testing, we are in Dubai, UAE, doing it better than we do.

Assurance of Quality

Get precise findings and have your samples collected right at your doorstep.

Efficient Testing, Faster Results

Your demands and health concerns are our top priority. We will make sure to send you the reports as soon as possible.

Affordable Pricing

So that everyone can afford them, we provide healthcare services and tests of the highest quality at extremely affordable prices.

Experienced Clinical Team

Our state-of-the-art laboratories have been evaluated and given the green light by the Dubai Health Authority, and our staff of medical experts has extensive expertise.

Lab Test At Home – FAQ

When you need blood samples (or other specimens) collected for a lab test, all you have to do is call us, and a DHA Certified Nurse will be at your door in under 45 minutes.

Immunity Doctor Healthcare is your one-stop shop for at-home lab testing. We are happy to collect blood samples from the comfort of your own home in Dubai.

No need to fret if you are at a hotel, office, or even your own house; your sample will be collected at your residency by our competent and DHA-approved medical team.

Indeed, we are also accessible throughout holidays and weekends.

  • Staying away from cooked meats, herbal tea, and alcohol.
  • Avoiding eating too much the day before an exam is important.
  • Not lighting up.
  • Staying away from things like sexual activity or intense physical activity.
  • Steering clear of specific dietary supplements and medications.

Your name and contact details will be labeled on the container containing your blood sample after it has been drawn. Afterward, it will be taken to a lab for chemical analysis or microscopical examination, whichever is more appropriate. You will receive the results via email.

Indeed, our testing facilities have been approved by the DHA, and our collection experts are highly skilled.

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