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Feeling sick to your stomach or thirsty? The quickest method to deliver fluids, medications, and other nutrients to the remainder of the body is intravenous therapy, sometimes known as IV therapy. To help with infertility, our nurses offer an infusion at-home service. With an intravenous appointment, patients don’t have to be bothered about transportation or hospital stays, and nurses monitor their responses frequently. Ensuring that patients receive the right intravenous treatment and following up on their progress are the responsibilities of our skilled nurses.

Immunity Doctor Healthcare is best known as the top provider of intravenous infusion healthcare services in Dubai. They administer and personalize thousands of infusions annually, providing patients with immediate relief. To schedule an in-home IV therapy session in Dubai, call us.

In contrast to the 10% absorption rate observed with oral and intramuscular administration of vitamins and minerals, the body can absorb all of the nutrients when they are administered intravenously (IV). This makes intravenous therapy an integral aspect of the comprehensive treatment of various medical conditions. Rapid administration of medicine, fluid replacement, or blood can be accomplished using intravenous drips. Intravenous fluids hydrate the body more effectively and faster than water.

Our Special IV Drips Therapies at Home

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Vitamin IV Drip Therapy

Improve Your Health with IV Vitamin Drip Therapy: Healthy, Convenient, and At-Home Vitamin Drips—a personalized infusion of key nutrients and vitamins to boost your health and energy.


NAD Vitamin IV Drip Therapy

Anti-ageing, vitality, cognitive function, and stress recovery are all helped by NAD vitamin IV drip therapy: NAD infusion for improved well-being.


Glutathione IV Drip at Home

At-Home Glutathione IV Drip with Collagen and Vitamin C is a revitalising infusion that promotes internal skin health and radiance.

Immediate Effect

The effects of oral supplements take longer to reach the bloodstream than those of intravenous therapeutic drip treatments, which provide the nutrients directly to the bloodstream. The digestive tract isn't needed because the circulatory system quickly retains the supplements, leading to immediate results.

Better Hydration

When the circulatory system is rehydrated, drying out is regulated. The body can absorb an increased amount of water by intravenous therapy. It is far more urgent and effective to hydrate yourself through intravenous therapy drips than to drink a glass of water.

More Nutrients

Intravenous vitamin drip treatment makes the utilisation of all nutrients. The nutrients bypass the digestive system entirely and enter the bloodstream directly, ensuring no loss of efficacy. The nutrients are having their desired effect on you.

Open Pathways

Common medical disorders render the cells lining the digestive tract useless. As a result, nutrient retention levels drop since the digestive organs can no longer combine nutrients. An increase in nutritional absorption is certain with intravenous therapy since nutrients are sent straight to the circulatory system.

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